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Greek Peaceful Protest, 9th Day, June 2nd, 2011

This video was taken in the 2nd day of June 2011 (which is the 9th of the protest) in front of the Greek parliament. Frustrated people are demonstrating peacefully, smiling, playing music or football, drinking beer, having fun and of course demonstrating. Greek media have helped mask political corruption for over 25 years and Greece is at the edge of bankruptcy. European media (especial the german ones) has also helped polarizing citizens across Europe by convincing them that greeks are lazy and greedy. By all means, this is not the case. The demonstration started through facebook, ordinary people are organizing it, petitions take place, signatures are being collected. This big protest was inspired and ignited by the Spanish people. This video is dedicated to them, for showing us how to react. Thank you! For more info on greek crisis, please watch:


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25 Responses to "Greek Peaceful Protest, 9th Day, June 2nd, 2011"

  1. unknown19811 says:
    Search in the internet how many hours an average European works…
    And how many hours an average Greek works…

    Greeks are not lazy!!!
    They just know how to enjoy life when they don’t work…
    In contrary with most of european neighbours…

    Greek economy is a victim of the international econimic crisis.

  2. FAXBEAT says:
    Calling all people earth rise up against economic oppression.
  3. blueray1969 says:
    @CandyLaStar Where?
  4. almondgr says:
    among many, you will find an article of the Economist if you google the following:


    it should be the first result.

  5. almondgr says:
    Funny that international media are convinced of that. because Eurostat says that Greeks work harder than Germans.
  6. crawfordviolin says:
    Fox news is convinced the greeks are lazy–Same with the wall street journal
  7. kyriacos40 says:
    I love the posters they are entertaining
  8. CandyLaStar says:
    its pretty hard to find out what is happening in Greese in the USA the media just dosn’t cover it here…
  9. almondgr says:
    OK!! Subtitles added. just press “cc”!

    thank you, great idea

  10. suommynona says:
    I recommend subtitling these kind of protest videos in English so when the rest of the world watches them, they wont just see massive crowds of people chanting but can also relate to your situation better and talk about it even more. THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA. Add this comment to other videos for more efficiency. Good luck, Greeks!
  11. DespinaKouros says:
  12. aheadwithwings says:
    @simpy17325 I disagree. I think that it’s much harder to make a group stand up for their rights than an individual. It’s much easier to find an individual and place the blame on him (an escapegoat) than a group. A single individual can’t change the world and I know that I’m not alone in this planet so if I can make a difference in my community I will. And if I can inspire others to do the same, I’ll try. That’s what we all should be doing instead of nitpicking and focusing only on ourselves.
  13. simpy17325 says:
    @aheadwithwings Of course most people prefer that, it’s easier to suffer and blame as a group instead of an individual, speaking as a whole cause I don’t know you in particular.
  14. yotubix says:
    @nicknicknick888 Several things in that French study don’t make much sense. For instance they claimed that Greeks get 23 days of paid vacation, Germans get 30. This is comparing the Greek average with the German maximum. The working annual working hours in Greece are allegedly second only to South Korea in the OECD, based on Greek government statistics of course ;) So it’s more like a collection of political talking points, not so much a scientific study…
  15. nicknicknick888 says:
    @aheadwithwings a recent study says that Greeks and Italians work more each week than German people, but they put more money in the research, and depose 70 times more “brevets” than Greece for exemple.. Peace& Love everybody, one day the humanity will understand it is stupid and killed itself ; Hope!!
  16. nicknicknick888 says:
    hello everybody, you need to traduce greek, its difficult to understand (me i can read, but understand).. Peace & Love everybody, we support us !
  17. aheadwithwings says:
    @yotubix yep. Agreed. People are just too afraid to speak out or too numb (and dumbed down by their governments) to fight for their rights – and especially for justice. Those who brought this crisis will never see a prison cell. And we must pay for it. Utter nonsense.
  18. aheadwithwings says:
    @simpy17325 I have two jobs and still work at home whenever I can. I can relate to that. The only difference is that you think with an “I” in mind and I tend to prefer “we”.
  19. yotubix says:
    @aheadwithwings The problem with Greece and the US are similar in some respects. Both have been handing out government money way beyond their tax collection rates. In the US it was and is being spent mostly on wars (whats the total DOD budget now when you include all programs funded thru other means, 1 trillion dollars per year?). In Greece it was spent on the Olympics, weapons that Greece can’t actually afford and god knows what. In both countries the voters simply let it happen.
  20. yotubix says:
    Lol…. blaming the US for the failings of their own elected(!) governments. These guys demonstrate exactly what the problem with Greek political culture is. No long term plans whatsoever.

    Where were these people when Greece was racking up massive debts while remaining as corrupt as ever? Where were these people when Greece strove to
    enter the Euro currency area? What is their plan for the future?

    But to be fair, Athens has 4m people most if whom might be far saner ;)

  21. simpy17325 says:
    @aheadwithwings actually what is hurting American is anti capitalism and moving away from a free market system and the fact that we are so damm liberal and should help everyone. I work 3 flipping jobs to get ahead in life and those liberals want to blame me for being successful and having more than most.  For investing in the markets and making the most for my family. I am the american dream, now I’m the bad guy. We have our ideals mixed up
  22. aheadwithwings says:
    @teochasse Social welfare has nothing to do with it, all european contries have it. It’s a fundamental part of the human rights chart. USA doesn’t have social welfare and you’re also bankrupt and owned by china. The only difference between USA and greece is the influence that both countries can do internationally.

    Both countries are in ruins because of bad politians and pro-capitalism measures that always take a toll on the common citizen sooner or later.

  23. assassinos2000 says:
    You have little to do with IMF ?????? come on now teochasse , you’re kidding right ???? Europe works for USA interests.
    USA is the super power of the present time, so YOU make the rules of the game
  24. assassinos2000 says:
    teochasse ”……Greece doesn’t feel the moral obligaton to pay its debt back and we are fed up with giving Greece charitable loans………”

    It is strange that you talk about ”moral obligation” When USA was the country that exempt germany to feel the moral obligaton to pay the compensations from ww2 to greece , by (creating) the marshall plan.
    Iknow the compensation money are few compare of todays dept , but us you said ……its a moral thing.

  25. assassinos2000 says:
    My friend teochasse i dont blame you for the American foreign policy, i think that you should do something ,because the crisis will knock your door also,be sure .My friend when we blame USA for wrongful acts we don’t mean the American citizens,we mean the politicians and their (sleeping beauty’s citizens) that follows them. KISSES FROM GREECE

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