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HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1

Here’s a report on HAARP, an expirement made by USA to engineer the weather.


  1. HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science. I put this video together to show proof that US and Russia has been building and using weather control...

  2. The Military’s Mystery Machine – Haarp Weather Modification Technology in Alaska Part 2 here: The Military’s Mystery Machine – Haarp Weather Modification Technology *update* why this cuts out .....

  3. Weather Weapons 3 HAARP lightning Weather control is the act of manipulating or altering certain aspects of the environment to produce desirable...

  4. HAARP WEATHER WARFARE COVERUP CONSPIRACY Prt 1/3 HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered...

  5. HAARP Informative video on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program)the new weather modification and mind control Star Wars Defense...

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25 Responses to "HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1"

  1. shakmaster99 says:
    the only people who can believe this crap about weaponry have no knowledge of basic physics and chemistry.
  2. etniks69 says:
    Muchachito pendejo. Te crees my chistosito y solo tratas de tapar el hecho de que eres un pinche pendejo ignorante.
    Ya deja de perdernos el tiempo con tus mamadas y vete mucho a chingar a tu puta madre.
    This makes more sense that whatever you’re barfing Trollie.
  3. 1ove1000 says:

    Theres seems to be alot of CONFUSION surrounding that.

    “You really have put yourself in an embarrassing position, showing how ignorant you are of such basic knowledge” Sounds like a typical troll reply.


  4. etniks69 says:
    Alaska is UNITED STATES.
    You really have put yourself in an embarrassing position, showing how ignorant you are of such basic knowledge.
    Canada is run by a Canadian Parliament and a Canadian Prime Minister. The British queen is only a figure head.
  5. 1ove1000 says:
    Where is HAARP? Alaska, Canada. Who runs Canada? The Queen & the Monarchies. So why are CBC stating the US is part of the conspiracy?
  6. jkadvices says:
    DESTROY THAT MACHINE NOW!!! -_- …..(losing hope)
  7. monalizlopez1 says:
    Why do you brag of evil, “Big Man”? God’s mercy carries the day. You scheme catastophe, your tongue cuts razor sharp, artisan in lies. You love evil more than good, you call black white. God will tear you limb from limb, sweep you up and throw you out, pull you up by the roots from the land of life. Good people will watch and worship. They’ll laugh in relief! “Big Man bet on the wrong horse, trusted in big money, made his living from catastrophe.” מזמור תהילים 52 & 91
  8. JLEUNG77X7 says:
    Please check out the some of the past messages of God’s servant prophet Eliyahu or Elijah who is one of the two witnesses fore-mentioned in Revelation 11:3-13 , another is Moses . ( See also 1 Kings 17 :1; Malachi 4:4-6; Matthew 17:1-5; Zechariah 4:1-14; and Genesis 18:1-33 etc.)at the site,”TwoOliveTrees · Elijah or Eliyahu the Tishbite” And search for the title, “HAARP”, Message Number:3541;3403 & 3845
  9. enabledaaron says:
    “who became her ‘deep throat’” ….lol
  10. Ninelifs says:
    @iHipHopIsNotDead Nee dat willen ze proberen ,tis het samen komen ,van besef ,
    Gelukkig heb ik deze tijd geleerd ,tot ik jong was ,Eeen goeiie voorgereiding kost wat tijd ,Weetje iHop mensen zo als jou ,geven deze wereld postief leven ,wetje niet wegkijken ,en tog herkennen ,het mooie er van ,tis leven by yourself Gelukkig is tijd ,al verleden tijd ,moet nog herkend worden door het beest ,ze gaan gewoon verder ,vooral blijven doen tekend het ware aart van het “nee aarde is waar het omdraait
  11. iHipHopIsNotDead says:
    achja binnenkort maken ze ons toch allemaal kapot…
  12. Ninelifs says:
    maar HAARP is het domste wat mens ooit had kunnen doen ,zoveel streken ppppfff ,natuur bewust uit balans brengen ,om maar te onderdrukken/uitbuiting ,Mens in beest ,Het is nederland waar de bel op,belletje word gedrukt ,nog niet te praten over de muziek industrie ,effen lopenStoer doen op de insperatie vanGod ,he is more than a song ,tis Je(zus die love inhoud kwa gevoel geeft ,tis het hart van steen ,gevormd door ego ,Tripp of niet ,stoppen ze ons weg ,Omdat wij weten ,en zien ,en horen
  13. Ninelifs says:
    @iHipHopIsNotDead True collars dog ,tis de ego die de rug regt houd ,en maar denken ,dat we niets snappen ,Tis doorgedraait op het besef ,van het beest ..
    Krijgje als je nooit je hartje laat tonen ,geeft geld meer behoefts matig weg ,in hun eigen zak ,Tis de dominantie ,dat ze denken dat niets word gezien ,Het tekend de tijd ,in frame ,het schaap maakt meer kapot dan lieff is , Maargoed De bankers ,Met hun fancy dinners,fucking scheef net royals ,prettige avond NotDead I HipHop still banggin 1
  14. iHipHopIsNotDead says:
    Inderdaad, deze tech is al beschikbaar sinds de tweede wereld oorlog.
    Kan je nagaan, hoever de ontwikkelingen nu al zijn wat betreft Haarp etc.
    En waarom zouden ze het weer willen controlleren?
    Daar is niets goeds aan, vuile corrupte overheid!
    peace my friend.
  15. ledaril says:
    just lame. I love science fiction and fact. this is just tv programming. i gotta go.
  16. LazyJones1 says:
    No, the very IDEAS didn’t work.
    Put them together today, just the way they were thought up, and they wouldn’t do what was claimed about them.
    Just like Leonardo’s helicopter.

    It’s all myth.

  17. hophoopine says:
    @PureCX people like YOU make me angry! when the fuck did i say im believing ANYTHING that came out of ANYONES mouth?!?!? your just fuckin ignorant. i do a little research about shit that seems suspicious, you know? cross referencing? doing what the internet was made for? i dont buy into shit unless i get solid info from my 3 friends: google, youtube, and wikipedia…n dont gimme any shit about wikipedia. it has its faults but its a good place to start. FUCK im done with this…
  18. skillz139 says:
    none of the ideas i mentioned were fully funded enough to work
    the plug was pulled on a lot of theses inventions because investors didn’t wanna spend so much money
  19. LazyJones1 says:
    It’s not that someone is keeping stuff from you that they don’t want you to know.
    It’s that you are keeping stuff from yourself, that you don’t want to know.
    Such as the fact that none of the Tesla ideas you mentioned worked.
  20. imacreeator says:
    @skillz139 TESLA
  21. TheStinkfister says:
    I loooove jackin off to these HAARP vids… moar plzzzz
  22. Ninelifs says:
    haarp is al zolang in ontwikkeling ,dat ze net doe of het nieuw is ,
    Voel nu es wat er echt uit de lucht valt ,
    mens is de weg kwijd ,net doen ,of natuur dom is ,
    alles waar mens over praat ,wat “nieuw” is ,
    is zeker al 50 jaar opstoom ,
    Herken nu es mens ,
  23. tehWandals says:
    Just wear a tinfoil hat; safe and efficient counter-measure against HAARP!
  24. EduardoCapatto says:
    Conspiracy Theorists should stop to smoke marihuana and starts to work! live a normal life and do not take care about everything that happens! Go work dude, and you probably will wish waste your time with more important things!
  25. skillz139 says:
    fuck them “Benard Eastons zapper” the US govt took Telsa notes when he died
    and before they shipped them back to europe they copied them
    telsa had blue prints for a death ray, wireless communication, and free global electricity
    this weather control thing was another thing he developed, as well as a machine that could simulate earthquakes search youtube “stuff they don’t want you to know: Nikola Telsa

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