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HAARP WEATHER WARFARE COVERUP CONSPIRACY Prt 1/3 HAARP, or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was developed by international oil companies as a high-powered way to communicate with submarines utilizing extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves to penetrate the ocean. When the US military realized its potency, it bought HAARP. Jesse Ventura in his new TV show Conspiracy Theory investigates HAARP which is housed in a massive 35 acre, 180 tower complex in Gakona, AK. The antennas can shoot 3.6 million watts of powerful radio waves into the uppermost part of the Earth’s atmosphere, heating it up and creating irregularities that cause the ionosphere to bounce the radio signals back to the ground. But many skeptical Alaskans believe that HAARP is actually a sophisticated weapons system that can destroy incoming missiles, manipulate the weather and even control human brains. With Jesse Ventura HAARP IN JAPAN EARTHQUAKE ? http

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  1. ozkaz28 says:
    and this footage looks quite old…imagine what their up to now with all new high tech
  2. TheRoguelement says:
    Hey friends..What your darling Uncle same means by “Classified” is there SOP for doing something criminal or against the Law.How many of you would have ever guessed in a million years our Government would violate the very constitution it’s sworn to uphold like for example the Law against having any kind of “standing Military” during peace time is in fact a violation of our constitution .as if these criminally insane SOB care yet these very people slap everyday people in prison jet fast for zip.
  3. Avila597 says:
  4. Avila597 says:
    Shit up and stop bringing in your dumb religion in this.
  5. iFo247 says:
    IM A NERD!!BUT these lab working underground virgin NERDS! dont have kids failed to live a normal life…im ashame to be part of this nerdy air distructing generation….no love for mother nature no respect for human kind just bunch of scientific lab geeks makeing life worst..
  6. CroIvank says:
    People need to wake up. This should have 10,000,000 views
  7. emilee2u says:
    this is reality. no coverup they have been uncovered. evil men come up with . Those who destroy the earth will in the end destroy themselves. Fear not.military warfare destroying the Creators work, For all the the Bible says satan and his agents countefeit everthing Its a matter of whom you as an individual will will obey. Choose wisely folks.
  8. dan32749 says:
    What else is haarp doing to our planet?
  9. Dorisequador says:
    HAARP was invented by the Russians It was to knock out any comunication of the enemy and monitor any missle be shot at from their country incredable invention actually for the time. This was the beggining invention in world war II.
  10. 1TacticalMedic says:
    Lets start keeping teack of major weather events and any targets we hit in war. See if there is any tie in. Just an idea to de bunk it
  11. Xxspades30Xx says:
    Well basically… uhhh techniquely… uhh… stutterr stutter stutter DEAD GIVE AWAY
  12. darm9230 says:
    6:50 that guys a fucking idiot…..nice cover up dip shit
    actully starts his dumb “speech” about 6:30
  13. darm9230 says:
    6:50 that guys a fucking idiot…..nice cover up dip shit
  15. spiritofsyth says:
    @rugbygirls1 Read up on project M K ULTRA, The military has been researching this shit since the 1950′s
  16. XxAdrenaline27 says:
    ok, so we had our first in a while earthquake near U.S. Monument recently, a hurricane. and more to come. now there’s a satellite called HAARP Crashing down somewhere and then to watch this to see that the satellite was part of all this bad weather. why is it coming down? is there something we don’t know? is another country controlling it? have we come to our sinces that this is wrong? because we all know there is something we can do to prevent this hunk of metal from falling onto us. why not?
  17. fireserpent26 says:
    @juiced35th Katrina? gimme a break! u lost me on that one. the other 2 are plausible.
  18. DONJUAN494 says:

    your stupid>>>>> becouse if you was not so ignorant you would know the indiginous people of those lands are black the Māori and the aboriginies… try to read a book that doesnt come out of your whitewashed library before calling somebody stupid….

  19. albertaboy12 says:
  20. adam3176 says:
    the lady is lieing.. Few small desk top computers running that system? BULLSHIT
  21. adam3176 says:
    the 10,000 watts per Antenna is a LIE
  22. Theallseeingeye1969 says:
    @foreverfamous726 Think Alex Jones & Jesse Ventura are great . Followed a great deal of there stuff .
    Some you can’t take at full face value .
    But the majority i have to say is very close to fact rather that conspiracy theory’s .
    The reason i can’t take the full value of what the say is because if the elite knew these people was a threat to there eventual plan to impose a one world government .
    They would have done away with them .
    New world order is a threat & needs stopping !!
  23. foreverfamous726 says:
    @Theallseeingeye1969 Have you seen the Alex JOnes movies on youtube??? look them up start with police state 4 !
  24. Theallseeingeye1969 says:
    @foreverfamous726 Read your message today i know it’s an old one now but i agree with you .
    We must say no to the new world order .
    And the one world government who’s main objective right now is to gain control of the worlds oil reserves .
    All our governments are being controlled by the federal reserve & the European central bank !
    Anyway this is logical & i will look more into this monstrous looking weapon !
    Like Jesse Ventura i never herd of this until the other day .
  25. deafblindmutes says:
    This is utter nonsense, no one can manipulate weather. Besides, how can firing beams into the sky cause an earthquake?
    I just love how HAARP is made to be a sort of boggy man. They say there is evidence, but do they show evidence? No, not a single shred of evidence. Everything in this video is conjecture, surrendering troops is evidence of HAARP? I had heart burn after eating a burrito, can I blame HAARP? I stub my toe, was that HAARP? I have a headache from watching this stupidity, HAARP?

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