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Haiti Quake, HAARP and the NWO

Visit our new blog for updates and additional info: A brief overview of the situation and some evidence that the quake may have been caused by HAARP, from a Truther Girl’s perspective. UK Telegraph: Death toll may reach 200000 Plan Canada: map showing epicentre Haiti quake predicted in 1999 History of Haiti political situation and US/NWO involvement Haiti elections guide harp activity Induction magnetometer

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25 Responses to "Haiti Quake, HAARP and the NWO"

  1. ohweloveeverton says:
    what i dont understand is why did nothing happen to DR, Cuba or Jamaica? why didnt a tsunami form or at least some big waves. there was an earthquake i experienced registering a 5 that was felt from Montreal to Clevland. if this was a 7 they would have felt it in Miami.
  2. MrFozzgate says:
    Has anyone typed in the date of Japans EQ into that Induction Magnetometer? Wow. I have.Same thing. Especially the day befor. Just like Haite. Hmmm.It won’t let me put the link in. But go to that site and type in the date 20111211 and press enter.Don’t click update.Took me a bit to figure it out :-/.
  3. jojo24love says:
    hthe so called white man is the devil
  4. Tom6093 says:
    @punkpropaganda It is said that Bayer made the chemical Clothianidin. Chemicals for corn and other natural farm land crops. The chemical is still being put on these crops against legal policies which is why we have Colony Collapse disorder with the bees. Obviously the NWO is a partied to this travisty.
  5. FushateInjorimi says:
    So haarp caused the earthquake in japan bc the Japanese found a way to measure haarp
  6. elainehawk50 says:
    I agree, I was wondering if HAARP had anything to do with that earthquake, Then the Clinton’s were on TV begging for money for Haiti. Where did the money go? They are still living on the streets. And this all happened after our government bailed out GM and the banks so, they probably said hey we need to recoop our money, let’s do a earthquake in a 3rd world country, then ask for people to donate money and we will get our money back…something to think about!
  7. ytcrittical says:
    that monitor is not some haarp weapon, its a geo-mag monitor that happens to be called haarp. its being misconstrued on yt, big time. magenetics shown there could have been from the planet align influence. pm me if you interested
  8. ytcrittical says:
    haarp is a definite possibility, but worth noting there was a venus transit across the sun on that day, planetary alignments cause ENORMOUS magnetic effects on earth. 2004 boxing day tsunami, again there was huge planet alignment that day. haarp is a bit of a smoke screen. just something to think about.
  9. WorkingClass69 says:
    I like how she say’s Port-au-Prince :)
  10. jacobin111 says:
    @becreative1 Did Stalin control Russia, did he kill millions of people? Did Hitler control Germany and kill millions of people? Did Hui Jintao kill millions of Chinese?  Did they control their people? Is weather modification, cloud seeding and such possible? Is there classified technology that people cannot read about without clearance. Don’t be naive, the world is ruled by evil bastards and they will use any weapon to maintain power.
  11. Xandrixen says:
    @SunnyLovetts So the end is near :-)
  12. punkpropaganda says:
    @DjXero06 Don’t eat pills they contain deadly viruses .. LOL .. cheers ,m8
  13. mycurrentevents says:
    So now Haiti is getting a huge hurricane, on top of the cholera and everything else. So sad. Jehovah help them, and us!
  14. narragansettharco says:
    Energy sources without the need for fuel or energy input exist ,But the powerfull Oil business won’t alow common ppl to know this,Get a REAL working magnet motor at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,Be a part of the energy revolution!
  15. mrpower328 says:
    @c4xfire why?
  16. mrpower328 says:
    Destroy them with formless substance. Learn how to manipulate physical objects with the power of mental energy. But first you have to learn how to hold mental images without other thoughts interfering. You can learn this within 6 months to a year.
  17. shackle5 says:
    david icke has a video about HAARP. Total inside job where Bill Clinton was seen as the ‘hero.’
  18. xoxohobocrow says:
    no shit nothing ever goes right dumb bitch thats Murphy’s Law. look up circumhorizontal arc also known as a rainbow…. i could go on and on
  19. shawtyloh says:
    nice video i like that you question certain theories too…. you have good evidence there keep it up!
  20. becreative1 says:
    HAARP??? are you kidding me? earthquakes happen every day! the new world order theory is pure fantasy created by fanatic crazies. you cannot control a system as massive as the earth to create earthquakes at will, just as you cant control billions of people. you aren’t enlightened to or awake, you’re still as blind as everyone else except you’re delusional as well.
  21. forgiven61 says:
    Jan. 14 is the beginning of passover and YHWH’s people are in Hati.
  22. surefoot4x4x4 says:
    @scisorkarn Naw HAARP is a scaler weapon scisorkarn. It heats up ground water under the earth. The induction page on HAARP’s own sit was highly active during the Quake. Built in 84 and now has 360 antennae. The spectrogram doesn’t lie neither does she. you may be fibbing just a little. Just don’t turn it on in my state ok?
  23. ComradePatriot says:
    @kidcalabria HAARP is just the tip of the Iceberg for these Tesla weapons of mass destruction. Google “Scalar Weapons” and you will see hundreds of informative links how they made this technology portable.
  24. 7711ish says:
    @squirrelsarecute7 Pick up a quantum mechanics book and study what it says and if you’re intelligent and grasp the theory, you’ll see the truth that we have all been kept in the dark. They are controlling the quantum world and that in turn controls us and everything else around us. Have you seen the back of the U.S dollar bill, what do you think that pyramid and all seeing eye is. I bet you put up a Christmas tree with the star a top and worship Satan (Santa) Claus unwittingly. Peace out.
  25. innovision777 says:
    Love your videos !!!!! Have I told you 2day that your HOT ??? ‘Smokin” lol :)

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