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Harp and Hamp……..HELP?

I’m nowhere near losing my home at the present time . However , in 3-4 years I maybe in that situation . My wife will retire which will bring our income down at least $1,000 per month . My 10 yr int only loan will go up about $300 -$ 500 leaving me in a bind . I’m trying to prepare for future $$ problem, but it seems as if there is no help for individuals such as myself . The HARP program makes my payment go up . From early indications I will not qualify for HAMP . What can a person like me do ? Retiring wife and increasing loan . …one councilor said I may have to sell my house and move rent . Where is the real help ?


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  1. Simpson G says:
    That was the real help. Sell your house. You can’t afford it. You have no equity in the home, so get out from under it while you still can. Buy something you will be able to afford in 10 years and be happy there. Get a standard loan and make extra principal payments now while you can.

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