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HARP DREAMS | “Meet the Characters” | PBS

HARP DREAMS documents the 2007 USA International Harp Competition, which is held every three years in Bloomington, Indiana. Meet the main characters of the documentary. Program airs on PBS June, 23, 2010, 9:00-10:30 pm ET. Check local listings at

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9 Responses to "HARP DREAMS | “Meet the Characters” | PBS"

  1. antoniabyrd says:
    i would love to go watch in person!
  2. WhoopMQ says:
    I just watched this documentary. I wish it was a lot longer, in a way;it was really interesting.
  3. OUfan49 says:
    Could not tear myself away from this. It was wonderful. I was pulling for Krushevskaya from the first note I heard her play. Congratulations to all who entered, every one were winners! Bravo.
  4. Oathkeeper1992 says:
    This is such a great documentary! I saw it tonight on PBS and it was incredible!!!
  5. jessyquedens says:
    I was sweating along with Krushevskaya the last part of the way!
  6. thespeakerstudio says:
    Great piece.
  7. dubaipete says:
    Never would have thought I’d find this subject so interesting. Disappointed when it finished.
  8. firefightermeath says:
    omg what must it cost to enter that competition like transporting the harp yourself the insurance etc
  9. goog2k says:

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