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HARP Revisions and Orlando Short Sales

Eric Mieles features some incredible new to market short sales and talks about some revisions made to the HARP program. Take a look and let him know your thoughts. You can reach him at or

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3 Responses to "HARP Revisions and Orlando Short Sales"

  1. MrUltraEric says:
    It looks like maybe you have had a bad experience with some real estate guys or something. Your page says “Justa’ Florida boy, loven’ life and treatn’ people nice. A little kindness will last a lifetime, pass it on” I don’t know how this is true when you just come on and say what you said. Again what part of the video gave you the feeling I was what ever you said I was? I truly would like to know what made you upset. Thanks
  2. MrUltraEric says:
    I have no idea what your speaking about. What do you mean “Can’t make me any money”? You have no idea what your talking about nor do I understand why your coming on my page using such bad language. You could have stated your opinion and we could have went back and fourth which would have been fine but why so mean? I do SHORT SALES and this was just an update to help people understand the HARP revisions. My goal is to help as many people understand what’s going on.
  3. openbreakwhat says:
    Dude you are that assh8le we here in florida can’t stand. Nice at the start and a real dick f*ck when we can’t make you any money…BET! On behalf of our local community…. I say F*CK U! Fanny wack and freddy is a bitch. We where better off with out you cu*t.

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