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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?

Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?


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4 Responses to "Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?"

  1. Bronwyn says:
    One can only do that by filing a Quitclaim deed.
  2. realestatelawyer says:
    Sorry, Bronwyn, but that’s not true. Filing a quit claim deed does not remove a person from a mortgage note. All it does is transfer away their ownership interest in the property. They are still responsible for paying the loan.

    To h8mongrel, the only ways to get off a mortgage note are to pay off the loan by either refinancing or selling, or if the lender releases you (such as by allowing you to assign the loan to a new owner). Lenders are unlikely to release someone from a loan but you can always try calling them and asking.

  3. Chihuahua Mom says:
    Realestatelady is correct.

    Unless your loan is assumable typically a lender is not motivated to remove you from the note. In most instances the lender will require the new party to obtain their own financing.

  4. Blue Financial Group says:
    The only way you can come off a mortgage note is if you pay off or refinance the loan. A quitclaim deed takes you off of title, not the mortgage. You can die and still be on the mortgage note.

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