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Has anyone had a good experience with debt consolidation/credit counseling?

I am not referring to a consolidation loan, I am refer to the services that take your bills and lump them into one monthly sum. If you have had a good experience, which company did you use?


  1. Any one had experience, good or bad, with contacting a Christian Debt Consolidation company? Credit card debit, college loans and medical bills are at critical levels and am way over my head. Trying to...

  2. Who is the best debt Counseling and debt consolidation services? We owe a debt for around 9000 from different credit card company, we already received a summoned letter from 1...

  3. Does anyone know the best company to use for debt counseling and credit card consolidation? I am looking for a good company to help us negotiate the rates on our cards that we used to...

  4. Has anyone had a good or bad experience with debt relief companies like credit relief today? Credit Relief Today offering negotiated down debt relief resulting in what they say is at least 50% of your debt...

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6 Responses to "Has anyone had a good experience with debt consolidation/credit counseling?"

  1. stopccdebt says:
    The BBB is a good place to go to research good companies. I recommend finding an agency serving your area that is an accredited BBB member.
  2. Jessie K says:
  3. Duckboy says:
    Oh my god, are you going to get some spam on this question… Consumer credit Counseling is a non-profit. They are very good…They have contracts with all of the credit card companies that provide much lower rates.

    Avoid the companies that state that they will negotiate your balances down, they will ruin your credit and will take much longer. Plus the credit card companies will still come after you anyway….

    By the Way…..Jesse K and October G are examples of the spam I was reffering to…..

  4. Ask M says:
    before you do that

    read thru

    and the Federal Trade Commission website
    has some good tips

  5. biskio says:
    Combination of various high interest loans into a single one, it is called debt consolidation. The aim behind debt consolidation is to reduce the payments or the interest rate. You make a single payment toward the loan instead many payments each month. This reduces your financial burden and you can have surplus cash left over. Credit counseling services offer debt consolidation loans. Check out the credentials of the credit counselor and find out if they are authorized by the government.
  6. Kent says:
    I used “Credit Solutions” to settle my debt.They managed to reduce my debt up to 58%.It’s legitimate.I came across this company on NBC News Special Edition.Check it out here:

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