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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Credit Card Consolidation » Has anyone here dealt with a fraudulant credit card consolidation company?

Has anyone here dealt with a fraudulant credit card consolidation company?

If so,what was their name?

A friend of mine said he sent money to a company to help him with credit card bills and it was a scam company…He can’t remember the exact name of that company so any answers appreciated;,He has tried to locate the company from names he thought was it, but theres no trace of said companies……thank you!


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2 Responses to "Has anyone here dealt with a fraudulant credit card consolidation company?"

  1. Reena says:
    There are literally thousands of them…

    If your friend sent them money then there is a paperwork trail that he has copies off or at least can get the paperwork from his bank if he used his bank account to transfer money.

    Go to and enter any name that sounds familiar or run a generic search on their site for ” credit card consolidation scam”
    Then sift thru the messages and articles that come up until you find something that fits the profile or sounds familiar.

  2. CatDad says:
    These types of scammers hide behind free web-based email addresses like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail…they constantly change their fake company name from month to month, so getting the name isn’t going to help.

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