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Has anyone’s credit card companies denied refunds for Zoom Airlines?

I purchased a ticket frm Vancouver to Manchester through Zoom Airlines and my credit card company (Visa Desjardins) is not refunding my money. They are telling me to contact “the agency handling Zoom’s bankruptcy” and only if they deny my reimbursement will Visa Desjardins “dispute” it.

I really think they’re giving me the run-around.

What steps can I take in order to pressure Visa Desjardins to give me my reimbursement, OR how can I find out what agency is handling Zoom Airline’s insolvency?


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  1. Mittens says:
    I was recently stranded in Canada and had to book a couple of flights with air canada to get back to England. I booked a return trip from Glasgow and zoom went bust whilst i was holidaying. My visa credit card is refunding my return flight. Did you take out insurance? Maybe that could cover it.

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