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Has government proven itself trustworthy in re-distributing funds to solve problems? What is needed?

Every government scheme to redistribute funds falls into inefficiency and ultimate insolvency.

Communism has been tried, tested and failed numerous times, usually after murdering millions.
Socialism, an experiment in theft and oppression, has proven undesirable from both a quality-of-life standpoint as well being prone to corruption.

Capitalism, due to pragmatic responses to competitive forces, is prone to being ruthless and in the end, inhumane.

In the final analysis isn’t it the morality of the practitioners of both government and business that is the deciding factor in the end result?

Doesn’t it make good sense, therefore, to elect moral/ethical candidates to office who will create a fair and level “playing field” keeping corrupt practices of commerce in check?

So why did we pick a socialist community organizer (aka rabble-rouser) from Chicago, the corruption capital of the US, as president?

(Not that John McCain was much better)

Would Ron Paul have been a better choice?


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4 Responses to "Has government proven itself trustworthy in re-distributing funds to solve problems? What is needed?"

  1. Think Outside the Ballot Box says:
    The government’s proven itself unworthy to deliver mail.
  2. avomatic says:
    Food stamps and farm subsidies have worked well enough, as proven by the millions of conservatives that enjoy those benefits.
  3. Mother Hubbard says:
    Not all nations or governments are the same.
  4. Matt says:
    Well by the looks of it, since your faith is absent from every government/economic theory it wouldn’t do you any good to support Ron Paul since he supports a Republic and free markets and Capitalism – I guess we’re just hopeless and need anarchy huh?

    There are no perfect systems because we’re human. The ones we need to keep are the ones that keep us free.

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