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Hasnt Hillary’s Universal healthcare plan failed before?

Does the rejection of Hillary’s healthcare plan in 1993 indicate that it might be flawed? Is it possible that its a bad healthcare plan?

By the way, I realize that Hillary is very knoweledgeable about healthcare and passionate about it, but does she just harp on it because she thinks it makes her look smarter than everyone else?


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11 Responses to "Hasnt Hillary’s Universal healthcare plan failed before?"

  1. critterdhs05 says:
    Yes that why it so diffrent compare to what she had before.
  2. retardedmonkeyracing says:
    yes it did fail. though back then she tried to put it through without letting the public know all the details.
  3. American Beauty says:
    Yes, it failed. But she doesn’t want you to know that; so she puts up a smoke screen, to keep Obama from spilling the beans.
  4. justagirl says:
    It failed because the Republican led Congress didn’t want to hear anything a Clinton had to say, especially a female Clinton. And because Hillary has no idea how to bring people together to hammer out a solution to any issue. She doesn’t play well with others. She intended to go behind closed doors and get her plan signed into law without any discussion or negotiation. It was “her way or the highway.”

    In August of 1994, Democratic Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell introduced a compromise proposal that would have delayed requirements of employers until 2002, and exempted small businesses. However, “Even with Mitchell’s bill, there were not enough Democratic Senators behind a single proposal to pass a bill, let alone stop a filibuster.”[23]

    A few weeks later, Mitchell announced that his compromise plan was dead, and that health care reform would have to wait at least until the next Congress. The defeat weakened Clinton politically, emboldened Republicans, and contributed to the notion that Hillary Clinton was a “big-government liberal” as decried by conservative opponents.[24]

    The 1994 mid-term election became a “referendum on big government — Hillary Clinton had launched a massive health-care reform plan that wound up strangled by its own red tape.”[25] In that 1994 election, the Republican revolution led by Newt Gingrich gave the GOP control of the House of Representatives, and the Senate too, ending prospects for a Clinton-sponsored health care overhaul. Comprehensive reform aimed at creating universal health care in the United States has not been seriously considered by Congress since.

  5. QueenServilla says:
  6. Pround Bush Wipe says:
    Yes and thank you for bringing it up!~ I do remember that she even had to apologise to congress for not fully understanding the dynamics involved.
  7. BrownSugar says:
    You hit the nail on the head! I don’t understand why she keep saying that her plan will work when it was rejected once. I do think she is very passionate about it but she DOES harp on it just like she harps on Obama. I’m sorry but Hillary is 2 fries short of a happy meal!
  8. Deborah W says:
    It sure did fail! She does not work well with others so I’m not shocked!
  9. Bryan says:
    Hillary’s 93 plan was doomed from the start. It was incomprehensible to anyone who tried to read it. Additionally, who thinks they will reform health care in this country without bothering to include insurance and medical personnel on their planning staffs? Hillary is an elitist to the core. She believes that she knows what is best for your life and this is her ultimate undoing every time.

    justagirl: Please try to become educated. The 93 plan did not make it past the Democratic controlled Congress. The Republicans did not win a majority and take power until 94. By then Hillary’s plan was already doa. I know Democrats love to blame Republicans for everything and vice versa, but sometimes that just doesn’t fit with the actual facts. This is one of those times. Hillary plan was crap and she couldn’t get it past her own party much less the opposition.

    justagirl: I state again she could not even get the proposal past the Democrats and the information you have posted supports this fact. They could not reach a compromise and shuffled it off to the next Congress.

  10. Moderates Unite! says:

    Only this time she’s saying she’s willing to compromise on certain aspects.
    Its all a house of cards and is impossible to fund anyway.

  11. Jay says:
    It’s a different plan from the one in 1994, although still universal. This one already has support from the business, insurance, and medical community.

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