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Have 109K in private student loan debt…consolidation?

Spare me the comments on how I should have got scholarships- tried that since my FAFSA says my EFC is 28000 I DO NOT get any fin aid, consequently when I apply for scholarships (which I did 166 freshman year, 82 my sophmore year, 63 junior, and 97 this year-senior) I have not gotten approved for any scholarships or grants.

I need someone that has consolidated a PRIVATE student loan (mine through aes) and what they did. Any information is helpful because Ive seen alot on here but dont really know if theyre legit… thanks!


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3 Responses to "Have 109K in private student loan debt…consolidation?"

  1. Jdub says:
    Private educational loans cannot be consolidated with your federal student loans.

    There are a few companies that will consolidate your private alternative loans. Education Finance Partners is one of a very few companies that will consolidate these loans and will do so with a fixed rate. Check with them at There are others, but I’m not sure about how much it will help you to consolidate the loans if you can’t get a fixed rate and an interest rate reduction for autodebit. Do a lot of investigating before you decide to consolidate those loans with anyone and look for these features. Good luck.

  2. sarani says:
    If you plan to pay back the money , you can ask for a loan at Prosper. More information at . You can also try your luck at online charities, people may send donations. More information at
  3. payingcollege says:
    Sallie Mae has a private consolidation loan that offers extended payment plans to bring down your monthly payment.

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