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he is pretty annoyed?

hey my brother has his own company and has done a load of work for this other company but they have gone into liquidation so cant pay him £12,000 worth of work that he has donr . . . . . He has already paid all his workers so has like no money left he does get free financial advise with the bank he is with but he doesn’t know what to do
just wanted to hear your thoughts about what you would do and what he should do

thanks in advance
thanks ” dammage” although he did pay half upfront the job was like £26,000 worth of work but hey i what can you do about these things


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2 Responses to "he is pretty annoyed?"

  1. Dammage says:
    That sucks but happens everyday. Next time your brother will have to make a more educated assessment of the health of the company to determine if they are credit worthy. Or perhaps do a half up front / half when the job is finished.
  2. ElizabethMichele says:
    He can request to be put on the list of creditors, that way if there’s anything left over after liquidation he’ll get something (at least here in the US but I’m not sure why it’d be different over there, a liquidation is to make money to pay debt whether that debt is in GPB or USD).

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