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Health Care, With the Federal government’s track record?

Our government current runs Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and administers the VA hospitals. Each and everyone of these programs is either on the edge of or well on their way to insolvency. My question is then, why in heaven’s name would you want the Federal Government to get involved in any way, shape, or form with the US health care system?

This industry is nearly 20% of our entire economy. If those clowns in Washington are allowed within a 1/4 mile of it it will collapse into a heap of steaming road apples.


  1. The 14 states suing the federal government over the health care bill. Is this just a case of grandstanding? They are tilting after windmills to prove to their constituents that they are against socialism. Do the governors and other...

  2. demos please explain how the mighty obama will run health care when social security and medicare are about to? At a time when major government programs like Medicare and fail ?has obama got a magic wand? Medicaid are already...

  3. Do you think using “Reconciliation” to force health care down our throat is unconstitutional? From what I understand is that reconciliation was not established to pass massive legislation. It was adopted for passing budgets...

  4. An Obama Care Public Option in Georgia is a fiscally unsustainable health insurance plan. When you’re dealing with the potential insolvency of Medicare and Social Security, how can Americans reasonably believe that the...

  5. Bankruptcy: Can I include my Medical Bills & Health Care Debt? Mounting health care expenses can force any individual into a serious financial crisis. What options do you have? While there...

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5 Responses to "Health Care, With the Federal government’s track record?"

  1. PARVFAN says:
    They have a record? Peace
  2. Amarkov says:
    I’d rather have the government fail to run our healthcare system than have private insurers fail to run our healthcare system. At least the government has to PRETEND it cares about us.
  3. Q cubed says:
    you should read about what life was like before SS, Medicare, Medicaid and VA hopspitals.
  4. tribeca_belle says:
    The government runs the health care coverage for Congress and the federal employees. The covered individuals love it so I don’t know what you are trying to say. The proposed legislation gives consumers more choices than those employees have.

    As for the proposed public option, the plan would be similar to Medicare, except that it would not be government-funded. Ask how many people on Medicare are willing to give it up. From an administrative standpoint it is a pretty well-run program and will be better with the proposed reforms.

  5. Taxme says:
    The President said we shouldn’t be concerned with the public option out competing private insurance and then gave the example of UPS and Fedex out competing the U.S. Postal Service…….I cannot believe a man as educated as he is supposed to be did that….He just proved the point that the Government cant run anything of any substantial size…..

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