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help me with a letter to my university…!?

well…. i was asked to choose a list of subject before joining my uni and i did with the believe and assurance of my previous lecture that i could change the subjects later on. now when i want too they asking me to write a letter processed in EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. i’m a law student and i want to take company law and insolvency law. what reasons should i give them?


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  1. noworryz says:
    Before writing a letter, find out what the rules are, exactly. Then you can look for exceptions that fit your case.

    When writing your letter, it would be best if you try to make it more coherent and well-thought-out than your question, which contains many English errors that make your meaning unclear and which contains obviously irrelevant information. State your case clearly and boldly, as you will have to do when you are a lawyer.

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