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Help!!! Refinance Student Loans!!!!!?

I have 2 unsubsidized student loans at 6.63% I owe about 9500k between both. Can someone help me finding a good company to re-fi this student loan??


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3 Responses to "Help!!! Refinance Student Loans!!!!!?"

  1. mguardian_north says:
    I had Nelnet and I thought they were great. I ended up paying off my loan early. On the other hand, I’ve heard terrible things about Sallie Mae.
  2. twinkletoes0319 says:
    Check out this site:

    It should give you several options and even a calculator for your expected monthly payments. Good luck! And rest assured knowing several of us are in the same boat as you…4 or 5 years ago, we were all told, “Go to college…it’s the way to get a good job.” Now, we’re graduating and we’re struggling to find jobs, AND we can’t pay our student loans. Ridiculous, but God-willing, the economy will begin to repair. :) Good luck!! Hope that link helps.

  3. Jose V says:
    Well it would help if you told us where you live as rates differ from state to state as well as city to city

    they are at about 6.8% on average though.

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