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Help with auto refinancing with a co-signer?

I have been trying to refinance my auto loan, but I am a student (unemployed), and have horrible credit. I am trying to get a reputable bank like I have now because I do have a co-signer with good credit and I do have disability income and grant income coming in. I make the payments myself, but the interest rates are too high. Since I have been looking to refinance, they don’t seem to go by my co-signers credit AT ALL, they are just looking at mine! I don’t understand why this is because, obviously, if I needed a co-signer I have bad credit! Does anyone know of a reputable bank that I can refinance my car loan that will USE MY CO-SIGNERS credit and not mine? Also, they all want the payout to be a minimum of $7,500, and mine is only $5,000. Thanks.


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  1. PooPooLaTrash says:
    In this economic climate, even having a co-signer with impeccable credit is no guarantee of a loan or offer to refinance if your credit is really bad and invariably, if you do get an offer, the interest rate will be high. The days of a co-signer’s good credit offsetting the bad credit of the other party are over. The best advice I can offer is try a credit union or finance company instead of a bank.

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