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Homeowners Foreclose on Bank of America http Homeowners showed up to the Bank with a moving van and the sheriff to seize the bank’s assets after being victims of an illegal foreclosure! In a modern-day evocation of David’s slingshot triumph over Goliath, a couple of foreclosed homeowners in Naples, Fla., reportedly foreclosed on a Bank of America branch last week, their attorney actually having moving trucks pull up in front of a Naples branch to execute a foreclosure judgment against the bank. What must have seemed to observers like a scene out of a parallel universe — you can see some video here — was actually the fair and logical conclusion to a situation which, the court had ruled, had an unfair and illogical start. In 2009, retired police officer Warren Nyerges and his wife, Maureen Collier, paid $165000 cash for their 2700 square foot home in the Golden Gate Estates subdivision, and never took a mortgage out on it. So imagine their surprise when, in February of 2010, Bank of America initiated foreclosure proceedings against them. The Nyerges hired an attorney, Todd Allen, to defend them against the wrongful foreclosure, and the bank eventually abandoned the matter. But not before the Nyerges incurred $2534 in attorney’s fees, which they requested informally from Bank of America multiple times before resorting to the courts, which ordered the bank to make the couple whole. When B of A still had not paid the judgment after five months of phone calls and letter writing by Allen and the


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21 Responses to "Homeowners Foreclose on Bank of America"

  1. 314a1011 says:
    If I ever need an attorney I want this guy!! He is my new hero.
  2. Idiolatry says:
    “They didn’t know their attorney went out of business”…Did BoA foreclose their own attorney and lost the paperwork ? o.O
  3. GrassEsel says:

    yes :D

  4. nivekkunz says:
    ohh yeah, the national hero, not bad, not bad ; )
  5. Fosch64 says:
    @GrassEsel *brought me here
  6. shonkhuulai says:
    More of this……..heavenly. Kick it! You got to fight for your right, now PARTY!
  7. kngrb says:
    gj from germany ;)
  8. weltdesesg says:
  9. easygroove says:
    as i am not native english : the word is WANKERS !?
    yeah – thats what bankers are….
  10. Jagtar613 says:
    In you re face BANK SUCKERS
  11. GrassEsel says:
    Yahoo bring me here =)
  12. etobicoke2006 says:
    Good story…lol. Well done!
  13. MrKlinkerfuss says:
    I am not so shure, but doesnt sound “Banker’s” a bit like “W*****’s” ?
  14. Erzgebirgskind says:
    looool ….
  15. frdrsch says:
    @Looray100 why should the gouvernment want to kill us? It’s very unlogic to kill the people u’re the boss of
  16. loveableangel69 says:
    wow LOL
  17. Looray100 says:
    hahhahaha no. i have just done a lot of research.
  18. mariog1006 says:
    Looray… Do you live in a bunker somwhere waiting for the world to end?? Haha
  19. Looray100 says:
    not only do they screw customers over all the time, but also they have been partaking in paying truck drivers under the table for the government to ship poisons they are using in our foods and in the air and lord knows what else to kill us off slowly. we need to stop it and fight for whats right.
  20. mikepcap says:
    Yeah, right, likely story… “attorney went out of business”… so what happened to their check? With all their bail-out money they couldn’t afford a DECENT attorney? Apparently not since they lost in court, lol.
  21. jtlambchop1 says:
    Way to go!!!!!! it’s about time some turn the table…

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