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Honest John – Illegal Foreclosures

Banks are illegally foreclosing on veterasns and others

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12 Responses to "Honest John – Illegal Foreclosures"

  1. oldcomic1 says:
    @thethegreenmachine Thanks
  2. thethegreenmachine says:
  3. thethegreenmachine says:
    I like that idea.
  4. oldcomic1 says:
    @paulagloria I’m a news junkie then I go on google to learn more
  5. oldcomic1 says:
    @paulagloria Will do
  6. oldcomic1 says:
    @HonestJohn60 I didn’t know that
  7. oldcomic1 says:
    @SiriusMined They want to cut their benefits too
  8. paulagloria says:
    @paulagloria 2) check out robbbryder (yes 3 b’s!)
  9. paulagloria says:
    This is horrifying about how they treat the vets…who have been your teachers on all this? I gain my knowledge from Angela Stark’s myprivateaudio com
  10. HonestJohn60 says:
    Plus the Goberment has ended their death benny’s to their spouses! – Join the Military to get pizzed on while you can be ordered to kill your family’s, and any Americans!
  11. SiriusMined says:
    Funny how the Rethugnicans don’t seem to care about the troops THEN…
  12. MrJamesbach says:
    You are completely right banks should not be allowed to foreclose on a solders home because they can’t pay a mortgage because they are in a foxhole. I wounder how long it will be before the military joins the occupy movement.

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