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Housing Foreclosure Epidemic 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of talks about the Truth about Bankruptcy. You can speak to him directly. talks about the Housing Foreclosure Epidemic


  1. The Truth About Bankruptcy 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of talks about the Truth about Bankruptcy....

  2. Will all of my assets be taken from me? 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of Southfield, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois explains...

  3. Can my home be saved if i file Chapter 13 bankruptcy? 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of Southfield, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois can...

  4. Foreclosure Epidemic Part 3.m4v So many people are experiencing the foreclosure of their homes. This is my story and I share it in...

  5. Foreclosure Epidemic Part 2.m4v So many people are experiencing the foreclosure of their homes. This is my story and I share it in...

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25 Responses to "Housing Foreclosure Epidemic"

  1. rewire69 says:
    @bankruptcyattorney ok, so if you dont loose it then it has to effect your score for sure right? Im not downing bankruptcy at all.But the banks have done so much wrong with loans, that its just as easy to take them to court for their screw ups and save their credit scores and so on.To tell you the truth me and you can network together and get results that would seriously help people for less work.
  2. bankruptcyattorney says:
    @rewire69 You don’t lose your house in a chapter 13
  3. rewire69 says:
    @bankruptcyattorney well also bankruptcy can stop it and also lead them into loosing the house in the first place.The illegal foreclosure that the banks are doing is all based on fraud and 6 or more violations of the R.I.C.O. Statutes alone. Securitization is illegal.For the same head ache to go into bankruptcy you can sue the lender and not stand a chance of loosing the house in bankruptcy.Now I did hear that their is a way to do it and not loose the house in bankruptcy process LET ME KNOW!
  4. bankruptcyattorney says:
    @rewire69. You might be able to and you might not. Bankruptcy is a guarantee to stop it.
  5. LAVIN20 says:
    Amen. I liquidated all my debt including my home. I could afford it but why pay 350 for sonething that is worth 150 now. I have lived in the house rent free for a year and save enough to restart my life. Do not pay the people that Libby against you
  6. rewire69 says:
    You can stop foreclosure without going bankrupt and so on.So no one needs to file bankrupt to get it back.
  7. MOUNTAINOUS says:
    i sure hope it dobnt get that bad but it will get worse if barack obama gets his sorry ass in the white house. i have grandparents that are dead and was in the depression. this is now where near as bad and not even close. i live in a resort town on snow mt and every fool still comes up and spend thousands a week of resteraunt and hotels and shit. but i will admit it is damn bad.
  8. MOUNTAINOUS says:
    well said
  9. MOUNTAINOUS says:
    well said but if we keep the embasary of the devil barack obama out of the white house or it will get worse. this scag and his wife will make america even worses. keep senator tarzan out of the whitehouse
  10. bullcur says:
    The answer for PERSONAL WITHIN your means,STOP Superficiality: “I want it ,I want it I MUST see that movie,buy the LATEST this or that” etc. Fuck banks,fill your mattress,eat at home,burn YOUR fUCKING CREDIT CARDS!
  11. adamjjj says:
    The Economy is bad everywhere not just the US. And I totally agree with you about The Great Depression. They can call it recession all they want. Give it a coat of new paint and throw sparkly dust over it we are in a depression. And it will get worse. In Australia we are paying close to $6.00 a gallon and our dollar is worth slightly less than yours. And as for the price of food just to give you an idea we pay $3.50 for a loaf of bread!.
  12. AMERICANSTEW5 says:

    The Good News:
    Ron Paul was and is right about the economy. $4.63 for gas, $147.00 for oil, unemployment up, foreclosures up, US Dollar $0.62 and more good news to come.

    The Good News:
    “YOU” will lose your job, home, car and

    I thank God every day, for allowing me to discover the message of Ron Paul two years ago. Ron Paul has opened my eyes to the economic and political realities of not only the USA but the world at large.

  13. bullcur says:
    The ECONOMY is so FUCKING bad in this country,it makes the “Great Depression” look like a country club,thanks to Stupid people PISSING their money away on useless superficial things,and a Nation of GREEDY Pig
    Politicians! If it weren’t for Credit cards..people would be in the streets gouging each others eyes out for a loaf of bread,,I think that day is coming Anyway! People WILL be living in tents.
  14. CreditSecretsBible says:
    Very good. We believe many MANY banks do NOT work with homeowners because it is simply NOT in their best interest. These days anytime you have a bank, you usually have an insurance company right next to it. There is a reason WHY banks take back properties and then sell them to OTHER PEOPLE for as much as 40% LESS than what was owed by the mortgage holder in trouble… when, they could have just knocked 25% off the homeowners loan and avoided taking hte house back. Go research it…
  15. bankruptcyattorney says:
  16. Anothercoilgun says:

    I could not have said it better. You are totally correct. Well, if I tried or cared, I might have said it better but since I have no incentive, I leave your statement to stand in my proxy.

    Right on!

  17. bankruptcyattorney says:
    blah blah blah
  18. bankruptcyattorney says:
    Just looked at these comments and wanted you to know I appreciate it.
  19. BLOSSVALE09 says:
    You idiots are diverting from the cause and point! politicaly induced housing inflation and rising property tax is why its too expensive! I suppose you expected people to live in a fuckin tent because home prices where too high! tell you what, ABOLSIH property tax and give people the right own tax free land so that goverment employed thieves like eminent domain dont come and make you a homeless fucking slave to the wallstreet pigs! housing isent a stock market item its a crucial necessity to man
  20. swamimans says:
    i love it. who told u to buy a house u cant afford. americans spend and dont save and want free money . money that comes from foreigners who loan us money at interest. there is no fraud! what u cant read a contract or get a lawyer to read it on the biggest purchase of ur life. this wont turn around because people still havent learned their lesson. this isnt temporary it goes along with the end of the american and western anglo empires. ur greed has consumed u.
  21. pharmacyiii says:
    If the owners of a foreclosure home worth $500,000 is seized by the bank because the owners default on $100,000 remaining, does that mean I only have to pay $100,000 and the $500,000 home becomes mine 100% legally?
  22. elliselove says:
    thanx for taking your moment with valuable advice, and being a good examplery on behalf of how lawyers should be.
  23. dave98503 says:
    I used to work at a big mortgage company in the s.f.v. of los angeles. The “women” they hired in the file room were ghetto types, uneducated, criminals, lazy, complaining, cursing, sleeping, overweight, and did not give a rats ass about peoples’ funded loans for mortgages. Sometimes they lost the files and through Mcd’s wrappers in between the home loans.
  24. 99cachorro says:
    well spoken. Its time for americans to get real. Dont listen to those who are telling you things will get better soon.
  25. doctorw2 says:
    typical capitilism at work.

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