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How an Insolvency Practitioner can use Administration to save a business

Corporate Administration is an alternative name for the administration process that can apply to a company or a partnership. By far the majority of Administration Orders that are granted by the courts are made in favour of companies. Indeed the last few years has seen a massive rise in the use of this insolvency procedure, since government gave a signal that it wished to see a rescue culture in the UK as opposed to one which buried a business.

For this reason an administration can be used to buy the administrator time whilst he looks to see what the best solution would be for the company in question.

When an advisor looks at a Corporate Administration they look to see, if by doing it they would provide a better return for creditors than would be the case if the company simply went into liquidation. In most cases this primary reason for considering an Administration can be made out, as a pre-packaged administration sale or a pre-pack will generate a better price than a sale in a liquidation, when any goodwill and ongoing business has been lost.


An Insolvency Practitioner will look to see if it is possible to do a Company Voluntary Arrangement, or CVA. This is where the company continues to trade, with it’s old debts ring fenced, and regular monthly contributions made to satisfy those old debtors.

Finally an insolvency expert would look to see if there is any other reason why an administration might work. In the current recession, the news reports are full of high street brands going into administration, and this is because they can continue to trade this way, whilst giving potential suitors the opportunity to price up the value of the business before making an offer.

An Insolvency Practitioner will be able to tell you if your insolvent company is right for a corporate administration. If you have a potential insolvency situation make sure you take professional advice as soon as possible.

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