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How can I avoid lossing my house in foreclosure?

My husbands work slowed down due to the economy & we started on the Home Ownership Retention Program through Bank of America.{We are former Countrywide customers before the buy out}. Well we completed the modified 1/2 price house notes for 6 months & instead of modifying final new payments to be less they want more & we can’t afford it. Is there anything that can be done to save our house if Bank Of America refuses to help? We are current on all other bills.


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2 Responses to "How can I avoid lossing my house in foreclosure?"

  1. Bunny D. says:
    I really don’t understand what you have done. But, If I was in your position of maybe losing my home………..I would take my papers to Bank of America and be VERY active in getting answers.
    Do not take no for an answer………Don’t let them slip you thru the woodwork. The Squeeking link gets the GREASE………..Good luck.
  2. Realtoratheart says:
    Choices, refinance with another lender, even one local or regional, not national. Or take extra job’s to make ends meet for awhile. Sell stuff to make the payments. Take in a renter. Cut the budget by 10%.

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