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How can I bake this really cool cake?

WHY DO I NEED TO MAKE IT? (rhetorical, I’m just about to answer….)
Here’s the story: My older sister is having her SWEET SIXTEEN in November (I’m in no rush haha) and I wanna do something to WOW her. I figured I would get her a cake from this pro cake shop down the street, but here’s the dilema: she’s highly allergic to nuts, which are kept around the place, and cross contamination is a big problem. I figure that it would be fun and would have a great benefit if I baked her the cake with LOVE AND CARE too so that’s another reason.

My sister is a harp-playing, dancing, crazy, intelligent person… I have a couple ideas on what I could do already (choose the best idea):
1. A 3D Harp laying horizontally on a foundation with licorice strings

2. A 3D dance shoe on top of a “Skrillex” logo (her favorite artist)
3. Try to combine the first two ideas somehow
4. Keep it simple and draw Nyan Cat on it. (her favorite youtube thing)

With choices comes commitment. How would I go about making what you suggested I make as far as 3D effects (I can do 2D already)?I already have a recipe for the cake product but I need advice on fondant (if I should use any), what I should make 3D elements with (rice crispy treat, cake, etc.), how I should construct it, and anything I should know. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
please try to answer what i should do AND how i should go about making it…the HOW is the important part


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2 Responses to "How can I bake this really cool cake?"

  1. Princess of a King says:
    I would try to do both the shoe or harp!!!
  2. LadyBug says:
    Well first buy a cake mix and food coloring. Put a small portion or as much as u would need to in small paper cups and mix the food coloring in each paper cup. That way u would have different colors of the cake. Then place the first layer of color in the baking tray or whatever it is ur gonna use. The place the other colors 1 over the other.
    Bake the cake which is gonna look awesome coz it has different layers of colors and u can cut the cake in the shape you want, like the harp and use marzipan for the strings.

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