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how can i claim my final salary from bankrupt employer?

i worked as deputy manager for a small fine dining restaurant. my employer was forced into insolvency by creditors in the summer. they kept us (the staff) in the dark until it got so bad that our landlord reposessed the property. he took over the business but made no guarantees how long it would remain open. i decided to move to new job. i have just recived a pay check from the landlord but he says he wont pay me for the period before he took over. what can i do?


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3 Responses to "how can i claim my final salary from bankrupt employer?"

  1. Ja Ma says:
    find out who the bankruptcy trustee is and file a claim with the trustee and after filing the claim check back often to determine the status of the case and look at court records. many bankruptcy trustees are thieves in disguise.
  2. redenz40 says:
    You need to find out if the company file bankruptcy or if your boss filed bankruptcy. If the company filed bankruptcy you are a creditor and should of received info about the bankruptcy and how to file a proof of claim. If there was any assest in the company they will have an auction and all monies will be divided between all creditors that filed a proof of claim.
    If your boss filed bankruptcy and defunk the company you are out of luck. Sorry.
  3. Judy says:
    You can get in line on the bankruptcy filing, but if your former employer has no assets, you are out of luck. Sorry.

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