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How can I find a bankruptcy lawyer in the Paducah, KY area?

I have searched for the last 2 months and have yet to find a lawyer that wants to take my money. Everytime I get on the phone with one, they promise to get back with me with the information I need, and then they don’t. I then call back and leave multiple messages but with no luck. I don’t feel like I should have to chase after people to give them money.


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4 Responses to "How can I find a bankruptcy lawyer in the Paducah, KY area?"

  1. freshbliss says:
    I dont know who you are calling – but I assume you have tried the yellow pages?
  2. Kaska says:
    Lokk in your yellow pages. And I agree if they don’t call you back keep going.
  3. pointless74 says:
    Try www. His methods of repayin without going into banruptcy can help. How much do u owe?

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