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How can I find and claim surplus from foreclosure w/o an attorney?

My house was foreclosed on. There was a surplus of money left over from the auction. Supposedly this money is stuck in superior court due to several judgements against my husband (now ex) for his corrupt bus. practices. I bought my home in 1983, 7 yrs before marrying but community property made his debts mine. How do I get a copy of the disclosure paper to see how much was disclosed to each creditor, and what was left over. I need to make sure my ex did not steal this money from me. The escrow company handling the foreclosure/auction will not provide the disclosure document, nor will their attorney. Foreclosure was April 2005. I do not have funds to hire an attorney. My husband left me homeless and destitute. I am 62 and living off my children now. I had equity in the house and cannot believe I was not left $1.

Can anyone tell me which office in the Superior Court in Santa Ana, CA I need to contact?
Would public records be a place to find this?


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4 Responses to "How can I find and claim surplus from foreclosure w/o an attorney?"

  1. John B says:
    I suggest you contact your local legal aid society to get a recommendation. Your question is legally complex and you should have a lawyer look at the issues. That is what legal aid lawyers are for.
  2. Barry C says:
    How do you know you can’t afford an attorney? How many have you called and explained your situation (now 3 years old at least?)

    Pick up a copy of your local yellow pages, all attorneys are here begging for you to call them – many offer a free consultation. take at least 15 of them up on their kind offer before you say you can’t afford one. You will find someone to help you before you get through 15, trust me.

  3. Alex Z says:
    Go to v1g .org, and click on one of the links there.. it will direct you to a site that allows you to search for Address History, as well as Property Information. It does cost money but its like 20 bucks, it will most likely help you find what you need.
  4. shpbk45213 says:
    A legal aid lawyer could do this in an hour. He’d just walk down to the clerk of the superior court’s office and ask to see the confirmation entry (or other order) the court signed that transferred ownership of the property and distributed the proceeds from the sheriff’s sale. If there was any money left over, there ought to be a line that says, “All remaining funds to be held by the clerk pending further court order,” or the like. If the entry does not specifically indicate a dollar amount, he’ll ask the clerk. Then he’ll check the court docket for any other orders that distribute money. If there are no other orders, he’ll file a quick motion asking for it. If the court grants it, he walks the order to the clerk’s office and asks for your check (or how to get one).

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