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How can I find foreclosure homes in my area without having to pay for a subscription?

I live in Illinois and we are looking for a new house and I wanted to see some of the foreclosure listing and all the websites want me to pay for a subscription!


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7 Responses to "How can I find foreclosure homes in my area without having to pay for a subscription?"

  1. Carolyn J says:
    Go to your county clerk’s office. All foreclosures are recorded there. Some local newspapers also carry a listing. Contact them and inquire about the days they are listed.
  2. JustAGirl says:
    I agree with the first answer, but some clerk offices will still make you pay a fee. Try going to
    for a free trial. You can look there at tons of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. If you don’t want to pay a fee, don’t use the trial until you are ready to buy. Good luck!
  3. hollywoodmelody says:
    Go down to the local courthouse and ask the clerk where the foreclosure listings are posted. Go to the list and right down the property ID#’s that you are interested in and take them back to the clerk. Ask to have the files pulled and you will find all the information you need on the foreclosures you are interested in.
  4. Ron Berue says:
    WHEN the property is bought at the right price AND when the property and your expenses are properly managed.

    THEN when you get the right property THE BIGGEST challenge is getting the right tenant for the property AND PROPERLY managing the tenant AND property.

    THEN you can earn very good money. OR you should be able to feel a little more comfortable with the purchase of that property for your own use.

    You’re going to discover every county in every state/province/territory operates and does things a little differently than the one next to it.

    It requires LOTS of time and diligence.

    This is what I learned: No one ever gives anyone anything for free. “There is no free lunch.”

    The best suggestions I can offer:

    1A] It doesn’t make any difference whether you live in a large city or a village/borough, make the investment of time to go to the County Copuirt House or City Hall. Visit athe Recorder of Deeds Office/County Clerk’s Office or whatever the office is referred to in Canada. The names are diffeent, but the Office’s function is the same: to record ALL REAL property documents.

    The ladies and gentlemen in the City Hall or Court House are there to help the folks who come there to do business and take care of various matters about that city or county.

    1B] You’ll need a specific, actual address – even if its your’s or a friend or relative living in that same county or city. The property owner’s name would be very helpful. Ask an emplyee in that office how to research a property. Write down and/or remember each of the steps you are shown.

    2A] When you finish researching that property, go to the Sheriff’s Office. Ask for the rules for Sheriff’s sales and foreclosures.

    2B] IF the notices for the Sheriff’s Sales are posted, choose any one or two. If you have to ask for the list, do so. Then pick one or two.

    2C] Go back to the Recorder of Deeds Office/County Clerk’s Office. With what you were taught and learned, do the research for that property.

    If you get stuck, ask for help.

    3] If you are able to do this, attend AT LEAST 3 of those Sheriff’s Sales. You aren’t going to bid on any property. You aren’t going to buy any property. You are there STRICTLY as an observer. You want to see how the process works.

    Foreclosures are only one very small aspect of the real estate business. There are others.

    Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

    Ron Berue
    Yes, that is my real last name!

  5. alterfemego says:
    Gigi while there are boocoo websites online with foreclosure information, you need a Realtor to help guide you thru the maze of legal documents and advise you when a property may not be up to par. The websites you see on line list this information, however in most states the original owner has a “right of redeemption” period. That period of time could be as much a 1 1/2 years. Which means, if you bid at the sheriff sale and win, you still have to wait thru the redeemption period and it’s no guarantee you’ll get the property.

    After foreclosure and it’s listed again? I strongly urge you to work with a Realtor as well. These properties need alot of work. I strongly urge you to get a “full house inspection”.

    Even a short sale is a maze of legal documents you need help with.

    So uncomplicate your life, find a Realtor.

  6. Cool Stuff On Web says:
    It’s hard to find, but try here and find the lowest one. Good source for finding cheap Homes & Property in Auction and bank Foreclosures.
  7. Dawni Do Right says:
    FreddieMac Homes

    HUD Homes

    Fannie Mae Homes

    VA & Other Homes

    Most are listed with real estate offices anymore & any agent could pull them for you.

    22 Years Washington State Real Estate Experience ~ Associate Broker since 1991

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