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How can I find free foreclosure listing with access to every information?

I am trying to find free foreclosure listing in the state of Texas (San Antonio) where I can have access to all the information, including photos. Can anyone help me???


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3 Responses to "How can I find free foreclosure listing with access to every information?"

  1. Sydnie says:
    I just bought the real estate book from Dean Graziosi (haven’t gotten it in the mail yet) his book is on the best seller list (i think for over 18 months now) and one of the bonus deals in his TV commercial was how and where to find foreclosures.

    you should probably check out his web site for more details before you spend any money

  2. gr8music at qtrtilldawn says:
    I use the local free stuff online. First your County probably has a tax and parcel site, it will be a .gov site. That list every home in your county, not just foreclosures, interesting to search through that at any time. My tax and mapping site also shows flood plans, hazardous waste sites, etc. Important to look at. There may be under mining situation why the foreclosure is in the works.

    They should also have a ‘Legal Notice’ both posted at the court house, on a bulletin board, (by law), and in the news paper, (also by law), to see which homes are looking at foreclosure. My County really does have the auction “On the Court House Steps” at noon every saturday at 1PM.

    Most states and counties have the MLS listed online as well. The realtors try to hide it, but it is still there if you look. Worst case use the realtors site to search for the home, if it is listed in the MLS, you can find it.

    Also use the good ole ‘Google Maps’ to look around the area, to see if you really want to live there.

    I did a basic search around your area and all those sites are available, but I will let you decide which ones to use, so no source links in here.

  3. terisa says:
    if you are looking for national foreclosures listings website, check out this site

    Here you can get access to all foreclosures in usa.

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