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How can I find out about my home that supposedly went into foreclosure?

I have been unable to locate any documents regaurding a home of mine that supposedly went into foreclosure.I had a realestate person aquire me some documents that stated that the loan was paid off before foreclosure had begun. How can I find out who paid off this loan? And why are there no documents stating that it was in the foreclosure stages. I was told to get out of this home, by someone whome I thought was the bank. I believe that in this situation my ex husband was given this house because of some watts credit thing.

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One Response to "How can I find out about my home that supposedly went into foreclosure?"

  1. Paul McDoanld says:
    This is E-A-S-Y!!! You’ll love it, it’s so easy!

    In the US, any “change of title” and any “attachments/leins” placed on a title are held on record at your local county/parish courthouse. This is public information and free to access. You simply need to go to the Office of Records and Deeds at your county and look up the specific property by address.

    I have found that county officials are very helpful in looking up information about specific properties. Show up with the specific address of the property and explain the situation and what you are looking for.

    Remember that when you are talking to the county staff, they aren’t really interested in your complaints (at least, mostly). They have a job to do and that is to maintain those records. It is your right as a citizen to view those records and most are happy to assist with looking up those records, but they aren’t in the business of advice.

    Regardless of what is written on the document, be sure to thank them for their time and support. They’ll be helpful for you in the future.

    Once you have that information and you want to contest it, that becomes a legal matter and you should probably speak to an attorney for further assistance.

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