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How can I get a loan with bad credit?

I’m going through a divorce and in the marriage my husband got a large student loan in my name with him as a cosigner. We used most of it to consolidate his debt that he brought into the marriage. Then ended up living off most the rest. It’s now at $27000. In mediation it was agreed that we would try to get loans to cover our half. Now I’m left with the situation of if it’s even possible for a person with no collateral and maybe just my dad to cosign to get a loan. There is also a car out with my name on it that he has to either sell or refinance. So I have alot of debt on my name but this loan would essentially lower that debt once my husband got his half covered. But I don’t know if a bank would care about that and only see my current debt as is.

Anybody have any suggestions?


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2 Responses to "How can I get a loan with bad credit?"

  1. Common Sense says:
    You can’t. Sorry.
  2. Mike says:
    you cosigned a 27000 loan to pay off his debt.
    Because you are going thru a mediator, he is taking the simple approach to both pay it off.

    Instead, ask your parents or dad, whatever to hire an attorney to get him to assume the entire loan.
    It would be worth a few thousand to save 1/2 of 27000

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