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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Student Loan Help » how can i get rid of my student loan without having to pay for it i owe like 12000?

how can i get rid of my student loan without having to pay for it i owe like 12000?

It just seems like i will never get it paid off i waited to long to start paying on it and it went into default and now im 38yrs old and ive been paying on it for the last 2 years and im not getting anywhere it seems. I need some kind of relief they wont let me refinance unless i go back to school.


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8 Responses to "how can i get rid of my student loan without having to pay for it i owe like 12000?"

  1. united9198 says:
    You are 38 years old and still not mature and responsible enough to pay your obligations? Why in the world should you expect to weasel out when you agreed to pay?
  2. Mr. Taco says:
    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to make it go away without paying it. Declaring backruptcy won’t even help. School loans are immune to it. So all you can do is keep paying on it. Try to pay more than the minimum, and you’ll get rid of it quicker. Sorry, but that’s all there is to it.
  3. vtjenny97 says:
    Dude– I owe $28,000 and will be paying $300/mo for 9 years. Just pay it– your credit will be so ruined. Even if you were to file bankruptcy, government loans are exempt from that except in rare cases. You gotta pay back your peeps, man. You wanted the education, and you got it. Don’t be trying to stiff the US. That’s wrong.
  4. lorem_ipsum says:
    I don’t think you can “just get rid of it”. They will haunt you till you die. I am not an expert on this (read that talk to an attorney) but I don’t think a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy will do anything to them.
  5. Kathy H says:
    You can’t get out of paying student loans. If you go default, they’ll eventually start taking your tax return. Student loans have one of the lowest interest rates you can get.

    You could always try a home equity loan (if you own a house) or a signature loan. But chances are your credit is not going to get you a lower rate than you already have. If you are paying a collections agency, then you are probably paying more in the long run. I would tell them to cease and desist and contact the original lender to make payments. (For more info on cease and desist, plus sample letters:

    The only loan repayment program I know of is courtesy of the US military. The cutoff for Active duty is 34, but you can join the National Guard up to the age of 29. You may be able to get a waiver for age for active duty if you join a job that is in high need. It sounds like the military would be a good influence in your life.

    I’m almost 27 and have three times that amount in student loans. I did a four year tour in the Air Force and now I’m back in school finishing up. I am almost done with my first bachelor’s degree. My brother in law has over $120,000 in student loans. His payments are like $2000 a month. Education is never a bad investment. Besides, student loan debt is not a seriously negative item on a credit report. Only if you don’t pay it.

    If you want to make a dent in it, make multiple payments per month. The first required payment will be interest and principle and the second payment will be all principle. If you pay down the principle, the interest payments will be lower.

    Suck it up, keep paying, and just realize that having debt is just a part of life. School loans are an investment, not a liability.

  6. MAK says:
    im gonna take out 48000 in loans well my father is getting plus loan for abt 35000 and im going to take 13000 so u r not in tht bad state my cuzin took 100000 and now she is paying it off
  7. Stoy m says:
    Oh ok… I got this for you…

    better check on it… Im pretty sure you’ll discover something

  8. jenn11989 says:
    Go to: They may be able to help.

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