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How can I refinance my car loan and get away from Consumer Portfolio Services???

So here’s my situation…

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu that I financed from Consumer Portfolio Services (afterwards refered to as CPS) beginning in May of 2007. This is mostly becasue of getting in an accident which totalled the car that I had the previous October. I knew that my credit wasn’t the best with having a lot of student loans and working a job that wasn’t giving me consistant hours, leaving Sallie Mae to drag my credit through the mud (but that neither here or there).

Anyway, back to CPS. I lost my job back in April of this year and quickly got another job and am working on getting promoted. However with trying to work with CPS, they have been nothing short of terrible. They gave me 1 deferment where they were supposed to change my due date and defer a payment, but only did the latter forcing me to pay $1200 to get current again (so they lied to me). After getting another job, I started paying again, but can’t make the due date they set for me every month. I have tried to reach them to work something out, which I talked to one person 2 weeks ago, and since then their line is always busy, or disconected, or their call center is closed (I almost feel like I’m the one they owe money to and their ducking and dodging me).

What I’m looking for is somebody that will be able to refinance my car loan and get me away from these people. Even if I have to pay out longer for my car at a lower price, I pay $390 now so I’d rather have a payment book (something CPS doesn’t offer) and people that I can reach when I need to, than these people that I can never seem to reach or call back.

Also legitimate answers only, don’t need any bs about being irresponsible or my having bad credit.


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One Response to "How can I refinance my car loan and get away from Consumer Portfolio Services???"

  1. bigbadwolf says:
    More than likely since you’ve missed a couple of payments they have already turned (sold) your account over to a collection company. You’ll probably be hearing from them soon. They’ll probably offer a longer pay-off with a higher interest. Sorry…but even if they haven’t sold it yet you’re going to have trouble getting any bank/company to accept a loan that you are already delinquent on.

    Hmm?? Ever felt like leaving it parked in a bad part of town and it getting stolen (hint, hint) so you can start off with a clean slate and only owe what you’re behind on?

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