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How can you find out if a house is in foreclosure in Chicago?

My friend is a renter and she has rec’d letters addressed to the owner regarding foreclosure. She wants to know if she should start looking for another place.


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3 Responses to "How can you find out if a house is in foreclosure in Chicago?"

  1. Rishi says:
    You can go online to: or Realty Trac. Or it’s either the City or County Court.
  2. abetterlife says:
    It depends on what stage the foreclosure is in. A “notice of default” is the first stage. Generally that occurs after the payment has been late for about 90 days. You still have time, at least 5 months. The second stage is when the lender goes to court to “pray for foreclosure.” By this time you may have about 3 or 4 months left.

    The time to really be concerned about moving is when the sherrif’s sale date is set by the court. Once the property is sold or taken back by the bank then the sale has to be approved by the court. About another 30 days.

    You need to find out what stage the foreclosure is in and act appropiately. If the owner hasn’t been coming around to collect his mail, then open it up yourself. Also you can go to the Cook County Recorder of Deeds website to check the status. You’ll need the Property Identification Number (pin). If you can’t find that in any of the mail, then go to the Cook County Assessor’s website and click on the “search” tab and enter the address. That will provide you with the Pin.

    Keep in mind that the timelines provided are not written in stone. With the backlog of foreclosures, it could take well over a year. Just know that when the “sale date” has been set, time is running out.

    Good luck to you… links are listed below.

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