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How can you get a job after bankruptcy?

I had to file Chapt 13 (repayment) bankruptcy after my business went under, to protect the house for the family. Now, I can’t even get a job, it seems due to the bankruptcy. Our lawyer told us that we were one of less than 20 bankruptcys he has done in the last 15 years that was truly legit, and NOT due to reckless spending. Why don’t employers ask about it instead of just assuming that I am not responsible? I opened the business to try and HELP the economy! I have applied for positions that I know that I must be in the top 1% or so of candidates, but I don’t even get called for an interview. Or when I do, they do the background check and turn me down. I have passed FBI screenings and gotten every job I have ever applied for up to this point; there is NOTHING else in my background that is negative. Is there some way to put something on my resume to help with this? Has anyone else been through this? Please, no “work from home” offers like I have seen answering others questions.


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4 Responses to "How can you get a job after bankruptcy?"

  1. don_gross_2000 says:
    I suggest trying to get a job at a small company. There is less of a chance that they will run your credit. Small companies don’t always offer the best in benefits like insurance and 401ks, but I have found that you do have a better chance of getting a Christmas bonus at a small company.
  2. Brandon S says:
    My gut reaction is that your not getting jobs because of another aspect that is shinning through to the recruiter in the interview/recruitment process. The only positions that should be difficult to obtain would be financial positions such as accountants, financial advisors, and bankers. But even then it is possible for you to get one of these positions with the righ attitude. I just place a Commercial Banker yesterday in a high paying job who had filled bankruptcy a few years back because he did not make it an issue with the employer, but was upfront with them because it was obvious that they would do a credit check.

    If I had to guess you’re not getting a job because you’re bringing your baggage into the interview. I have seen a lot of people go through difficult times and then come into an interview shortly after these life occurences an unload on me in the interview and take 10-15 minutes of mine and their interview time to do so. Remember it is a competition game- be honest, confident, and light hearted. I did not hire most of these individuals not because of the particular stressful situation they went through, but because they didn’t appear to be ready to mentally function in a corporate setting.

    Look to yourself to see how you can improve! This is the key. You may also be applying for the wrong positions that relate to your skill set. If your not getting calls from recruiters it means they’re not interested in your background and 99% chance at that point have no idea about your bankruptcy.

    Good luck- I am sure with a little work you will find the perfect opportunity and be back on your feet in no time.

  3. peter w says:
    Start your own business at home – they do not care about your background as it is a completely equal opportunity – I recommend Forever Living Products – you can do as many or as few hours as you like and typically on 1-2 hours a day you will earn £1200 per month after 5 months and £30-£40k per year after 2-3 years – if you do more hours you should get more.

    They are a $2 billion company growing at 25% per year and need a lot more people – no investment required also, regulated by Dti and Office of Fair trading and have investors in people award also.

    link is:

  4. davidswig says:
    do this….

    and go to opportunity
    and then go from there! it’s simple and AMAZING!

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