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How could I achieve student loan forgiveness?

I am graduating with a master’s degree in civil engineering in May 09 and I owe $50,000 in student loans. They are all Federal Staford loans; half unsubsidized and half subsidized. I’ve seen partial loan forgiveness programs for the state of Missouri. However, I live in Texas so this doesn’t help my situation at all. Any thoughts (excluding loan consolidation)?


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5 Responses to "How could I achieve student loan forgiveness?"

  1. The Great & Powerful Oz says:
    I forgive you
  2. Sydney says:
    You can try doing some volunteer work. I heard doing that can help with paying off student loans. They have this company called City Year, in which you work in an inner city school for a year. They provide housing and the program is all over the country, and it helps pay off some of your student loans if not all. Check out the website
  3. Jonny soprano says:
    i think you should share you wisdom with me and get me to where you are in life THEN i’d think about helping you lol……
  4. Danielle S says:
    Well I know in some states if you become a teacher in an inner-city school for a certain length of time, you will not have to pay back loans. This probably doesn’t help you since you’re not in teaching at all…maybe look up the terms of your loan?
  5. Suddenly Human says:
    Student loan forgiveness is hard to achive, basically you either have to 1. Die or 2. Become totally and permanetly disabled. Your lender will have more information on other programs to get your loan discharged …. like teaching poor kids in high risk schools and such. Call them and see what they say…

    However, congratulations on earning your degree!!! Its time to go out and WORK to pay off those loans. This is why you went to school in the first place, to be able to be self supporting and pay your bills. Pay your loans back happily and proudly, because of them you were able to get an edcuation and this will give you a more stable and comfortable life.

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