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How do “foreclosure buyers” get the names of people in foreclosure or preforeclosure?

I have a friend whose house in in foreclosure. Even before it was filed he started getting cards and letters from people saying they could “help”? How do these people get your name in the first place? What do they have to offer? Is it a scam?


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5 Responses to "How do “foreclosure buyers” get the names of people in foreclosure or preforeclosure?"

  1. butterfly says:
    No its not a scam. Foreclosure is public records, and these company browse the public records files to get business. Many times they try to buy the house.
  2. It's me says:
    Probably from their banks, and also there are some agencies like that has listings of these types. I think anyone can pay a fee, to see these listings.
  3. nhostetl says:
    public information most likly from the court house as banks go to start the forclosure this info is there.Also there is a thing called shirff sales in some states where they may be getting the info there which some municpals have a sperate news paper for additional cost.
  4. northfulton39 says:
    Every county has a legal newspaper. Go to Yahoo Search, type in “ legal notices” and you should find the name of the paper that publishes foreclosure notices.
  5. foreclosehelpus says:
    As already mentioned, foreclosure listings are public records. We get these from court houses and sometimes local sheriff’s office.

    As for the scam issue–I’m sure their are scams out there, but a legitimate service can often save someone from losing their home, something that we pride as the Amercian Dream and work hard for the majority of our life.

    I know, this is what I do and I’m proud of it. I enjoy helping people and I’m always honest with my clients. I’ve never had anyone complain that I’ve taken advantage of their situation.

    I take too much pride in what I do to scam someone, I couldn’t find peace with myself knowing that I’ve preyed upon someones misfortunes just to make a quick $$

    Just my 2 cents worth-


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