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How do I apply for a government grant to avoid foreclosure?

We’re on a thin line of losing our house, both of our income has changed and despite desperate efforts (cutting out all unnecessary expenses) we’re still in a hole. Is it truly possible to get a government grant, and if so, what are the qualifications? Our next step would be filing for bankruptcy so please help


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3 Responses to "How do I apply for a government grant to avoid foreclosure?"

  1. Common Sense says:
    There are no grants for this, sorry.
  2. Judy says:
    Oprah spoke about this site one time.
    Where the gvt steps in and contacts your mortgage company and tries to basically force them into re-negotiating your mortgage.
    I think it was
    I know it was a part of
    I really can’t remember but do try see what happens.
    It was also on all the news channels.

    Found it :
    The HOPE NOW Alliance includes a number of counseling organizations, which consists of all HUD intermediaries that
    have offices across the United States. The organizations play
    a key role in the success of HOPE NOW, providing borrowers
    in-depth debt management, credit counseling and overall foreclosure counseling

  3. sassy25 says:
    There are no government grants for personal use. Since you cannot afford your home and are sinking deeper in debt it is time to declare bankruptcy. Your only other options are getting part time jobs. Work nights and weekends.

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