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How do I file a foreclosure on a property?

I am a lien holder on a property and the person who is buying the property has not paid their taxes and is always late on the payments? Is there a form I can fill out to start the foreclosure process? I live in Harris County, Houston, Texas. Thank you.


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4 Responses to "How do I file a foreclosure on a property?"

  1. tro says:
    this will be a legal matter you will have to file
    the property taxes unpaid will be a matter for the county against the property owner, but your note for the purchase of the property is another matter entirely and one you will have to pursue legally
  2. RUSerious says:
    I seriously doubt that anyone using this forum is a qualified attorney licensed to conduct business in the State of Texas.
    I would suggest that you consult with an attorney. Many attorneys (not all) will grant you a free consultation and then you can proceed from there as you see fit.
  3. Max Hoopla says:
    This is not a tax question and not a do it yourself project. Hire a real attorney.
  4. StephenWeinstein says:
    It does not matter where you live. You need to follow the procedure for the place where the property is located.

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