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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » How do I file for bankruptcy by myself no lawyer’s because I can’t afford a lawyer, can?

How do I file for bankruptcy by myself no lawyer’s because I can’t afford a lawyer, can?

anyone tell me how to do it and no I don’t want to deal with credit solution places, because they want money that I don’t have either…….. Please help


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6 Responses to "How do I file for bankruptcy by myself no lawyer’s because I can’t afford a lawyer, can?"

  1. foreclosurefish_com says:
    Your best bet is to call your county courthouse or clerk’s office and ask them what you need to do to file on your own. Usually it’s termed as Pro Se, which means you are not being represented by anyone. Call the county — they’ll be able to tell you what forms need to be filled out.
  2. robert w says:
    please don’t do it ur self . the laws have changed and many lawyers aren’t upto date or speed on the laws.
    suggest u visit to learn ur hard lessons from others mistakes.
    most people aren’t bankrupt they are just money knowledge challenged.
  3. Lex says:
    Go to the courthouse and file the papers – make sure to list all of the debt you want discharged – not all will be because some of the debt that you’ve probably incured doesn’t apply. Know that once it’s done, you’re pretty much shot for 7 years. You want to buy a car? Forget it. A house? No way. Even after the seven years you’ll still have that bankruptcy hanging. Want to help your kids get a loan for college – nope, sorry.
  4. scokeman says:
    Here is one thing that you might be overlooking; You cannot file for bankruptcy protection unless you have a debt of $10,000 + and I hate to tell you this but you must have an attorney because the descion to allow you to do this has to be handed down by a court decision, also creditors will be coming after you like white on rice. Good luck
  5. paigespirate says:
    It differs somewhat, now. Approx. two years ago, new laws concerning bankruptcy went into effect.
    The short answer is to look the laws up, online, then get the correct forms from an online form store or someplace like office depot.
    Go to the federal court house and get copies of other, recent bankruptcy filings, they are a matter of public record, so u can get copies of them.
    Do what the lawyers did, on these forms, use their language …
    While at the courthouse, ask the clerk about filing fees, timelines …
    fill out the forms, alert creditors (notice to creditors) as declared in the instructions,
    file the forms w/ fed. court and wait for court date. go before the judge and wait for final judgment.
  6. Ask M says:

    With all the new laws, you need a lawyer to file.

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