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how do I find a good bankruptcy lawyer?

One who doesn’t charge too much,who has a good reputation,ect?


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  2. Where can I find a good bankruptcy lawyer in California? Where can I find a good bankruptcy lawyer in California? Links? Recommendations? ...

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3 Responses to "how do I find a good bankruptcy lawyer?"

  1. karatemama20 says:
    Your best bet would be to look in your yellow pages, and jot down the ones in smaller print….call them, shop around. Usually they will tell you their fees…and your first consultation is free, so you will know if you feel comfortable with them. After they do the paperwork and go to court wtih you is when you pay their fee. Usually about between $600 – $800.
  2. Monica D says:
    Don’t worry about the fees – get a reputable lawyer. Word of Mouth in your location is a good way to find a good, fair, honest lawyer. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors.
  3. rare2findd says:
    Just be careful. A friend of mine, who is a certified ABA paralegal (she has a degree) has prepared several Chapter 7 AND Chapter 13 bankruptcies since the new law went into effect in 2005. She has never had one returned, nor been chastised by the trustee OR Judge handling the bankruptcies because she did something wrong, or left out something that the court required. Yet this sort of thing happens time and again with so-called “reputable” attorneys. Some of them just are NOT that experienced in bankruptcy laws.
    So be careful. If necessary call the Bankruptcy court and ask them to recommend someone in your area. By the way depending on whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, your fees can run from about $1,000 (PLUS the filing fee of $299.00) for a Chapter 7, to over $2500.00, depending on the lawyer.
    The Chapter 13′s start at about $1,550 PLUS the filing fee (not sure of that fee).

    and yes. You SHOULD worry about the fees. You certainly do not want to be forced to RETURN to bankruptcy court after the first creditors hearing because of a mistake made by a lawyer. or because of his/her carelessness. It is important that you retain someone who knows what he/she is doing.

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