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How do I find foreclosure listings with out paying?

I am seeking to buy my first home and I would like to look into foreclosure homes, but everywhere I look they want my credit card. Does anyone know where to get these listings with out paying?


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2 Responses to "How do I find foreclosure listings with out paying?"

  1. Reilly says:
    If you want to find the best foreclosure listings in your area, check out this site

    Here you’ll find thousands of exclusive listings for homes being offered for sale at reduced prices

  2. Bamboo Jones says:
    There are ways to get the information you are looking for without paying. A good place to start is the site. You can access information on HUD homes being foreclosed on at the site. A good place to find homes being foreclosed on by a bank is to do a search of your county office. Foreclosure information is public information so you can go directly to your county web site to get information.

    It is not necessarily a bad idea to sign up for one of the online places that charge you for the information. You can cancel your subscription as soon as you find your place. I’d also highly recommend finding a real estate broker who specializes in foreclosures because putting in an offer and buying one is very complicated and there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out correctly or the bank will set it aside and move on to the next offer.

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