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How do I get my title for a vehicle I claim in bankruptcy?

I recently filed bankruptcy, claimed most items as write offs and only reaffirmed on the items I knew would be lost during bankrupcy. How will I go about getting my title for a vehicle that was not reaffirmed on. I need help.


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4 Responses to "How do I get my title for a vehicle I claim in bankruptcy?"

  1. Love big words says:
    Your attorney can helpyou
  2. OMI JEN says:
    When you file bankruptcy…You are required to provide the information on all your assets!!!!!
    This includes, vehicles, furniture and even your clothes….Essentials, will then be deducted and the remaining amount put against you debt…..
    Talk to the person who is handling your bankruptcy…They can advise you how to get title back on your vehicle…..BUT…be prepared to pay the “Book Value” and pay it in cash .
    WOW…glad I’m not you…..Life is not that great, when you have a rotten credit rating… Good luck getting a phone, cable, a place to live, insurance or even something as silly as making a reservation…They all want some credit info or a credit card as I.D. Also, you probably won’t get out of paying your back taxes…Depends on what country you live in….
    Maybe in the next few years, you will learn how to manage your money and live within your means
    Hope no one co-signed for you on any of your previous debts…They will be stuck paying.
    Don’t mean to be harsh. I know the economy is rotten and people are unemployed…I can relate to that, but, not people who buy, buy, buy on credit
  3. David H says:
    I guess the question is what you did do with the vehicle. You say you did not reaffirm the vehicle. Did you redeem the vehicle? If so, then title would likely arrive in a few weeks.

    Many courts used to allow a ride through option where you would just continue to make payments and you didn’t have to reaffirm the car loan. However, most courts do not allow this option anymore.

    Again, we need to know exactly what you did.

  4. crb says:
    If you didn’t reaffirm, the lender will be permitted to repossess; you don’t get the title.

    Nearly all consumer bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of this to meet with one and get advice based on all of the details of your particular situation.

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