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How do I go about refinancing my student loan?

A few years ago, I received a Sallie Mae student loan for about $8000 with the understanding that the interest rate would be about 4%. To my dismay, I recently found out that this rate was not fixed, and my current rate is now just over 9% – more than double the original!

How does one go about refinancing a loan of this (small) size? Assuming my credit is good, what fixed rate can I expect to recieve?

Thanks in advance.


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2 Responses to "How do I go about refinancing my student loan?"

  1. aj485 says:
    If student loans start out as variable rate loans, they cannot currently be refinanced into a fixed rate student loan. Rules have been changing back and forth on if student loans are fixed or variable, so your confusion is understandable.

    You could try balance transferring the student loan onto a ‘fixed for life’ credit card rate. You might be able to save a few points in interest this way.

    If your credit is stellar, you may be able to get a fixed rate personal loan from your bank or credit union. Most of the time, personal loans are variable rate, though.

    If you own a car or a house with at least $8k in equity, you could refinance one of those.

    Things to watch out for if you do this:
    - Any fees attached to the new loan (BT fees, closing costs, etc.)
    - Penalty rates that could apply if you miss a payment
    - Student loans have some good points that other loans don’t – namely the ability to forego payments if you lose your job or go back to school, and student loans are forgiven if you die or become disabled. You will be giving up these features if you transfer your student loan to another loan.

  2. ritu m says:
    Below link might help you.

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