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How do Lehman Brothers bonds still have $26.125 value?

How are Lehman Brothers Holdings 3.95% bonds due on November 10, 2009 (CUSIP: 52517PXT3) with a par value of $100.00 still listed on our Schwab Statement with a price of $26.125 per bond? And better yet, how in the world has the value gone up? (It used to be near $19.20) Who is buying these things such that the price is increasing?

Note that, of course, these bonds are in default since Lehman Brothers is insolvent. Are there actually people who believe Lehman Brothers could rise from insolvency? We haven’t sold the bonds yet because the value keeps going up.


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One Response to "How do Lehman Brothers bonds still have $26.125 value?"

  1. Jerry says:
    The price is based on the expectation that there will be a partial payback as Lehman assets continue to be liquidated.

    This seems like a dubious holding for an individual investor. You don’t know exactly what you own or why its price is changing. You are at an extreme informational disadvantage versus professionals directly involved in the liquidation.

    Seems like a pretty strong argument to sell.

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