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How do we get taken off a loan we co-signed for?

My husband co-signed a loan for his older brother. His brother defaulted on the loan 4 years ago and sill refuses to make payments, he’s an officer in the Navy and makes at least twice what my husband and I do. We have 3 children and cannot afford to make the payments for him. Do we have any legal pptions to force him to make payments or get ourselves off the loan, he won’t refinance. He’s also defaulted on numerous other things like student loans and such.


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6 Responses to "How do we get taken off a loan we co-signed for?"

  1. doinou says:
    You’re stuck with it. Don’t do that again.
  2. Carolyn D says:
    You can’t. by co-signing you agree to pay if the the other signer doesn’t. You’re stuck. The only chance I see of you recouping the money is to sue your brother in-law. In the meantime, you’ll need to get the loan caught up and make payments in order to protect your credit.
  3. bbisdpspec says:
    Contact the Navy – that’s conduct unbecoming an officer and they will make him make good on it – they may garnish his wages to get the money and make him pay the loan.
  4. n0spam4me says:
    Your OFFICER IN THE NAVY has a Commanding Officer, if it takes taking the case to your Congressperson, find out who that Commanding officer is and make them aware of the fact that this officer took out a loan and is not making the payments.

  5. Larry H says:
    NEVER EVER CO-sign, i dont care who it is, especially with his record of not paying. I would get all documents togrther from company you co-signed for, including thoser that say no payments being made, and contact his commanding officer. If they say cant talk to him, go to media. BETTER YET GET AHOLD OF CONGRESSMAN…….they start to notice then!!!!!
  6. bdancer222 says:
    Yep, the Navy like other military services, frowns on military members not taking care of their financial obligations, especially officers. Contact his commanding officer — if you know where he’s stationed, you can track down his CO thru the personnel office.

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