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How do you “bailout” a debt when you have no money?

So here we are a debtor nation according to our former Comptroller David Walker, we are $10 tril in debt and have $60tril in liabilities. And our biggest problem is debt so how do we solve debt by borrowing more money?

Long-time financial observer and analyst Bob Chapman is dire in his assessment. He cites a “quadrillion dollar (1000 trillion) powder keg waiting to blow’ and places this problem at the heart of the financial crisis.” He thinks “catastrophic losses are inevitable.”

Subprime and mortgage debacles are a “side show” at around a few trillion in losses. The Treasury, Fed, and other smart Wall Street types know it. They’re terrified about potential losses that may (way) exceed the entire world’s GDP and obliterate the balance sheets of every major commercial bank and the Fed. Take down the entire world financial system and cause an unstoppable juggernaut of loss, insolvency, failure and bankruptcy. Resulting in world governments having to nationalize their financial systems and become bankers of last resort.

If this happens, nations will be bankrupt. So will people. Their savings erased.

There are only two choices: borrow from the world, China, Middle East, Japan etc. or print more money and borrow from our own money value in other words creat hyper inflation where the value of a dollar buys a penny’s worth of goods.


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  2. Shouldn’t the Republicans simply compromise,and let us go a Trillion deeper in debt per year for all time? After all,what’s a few Trillion between friends? Not like our children have any future but insolvency,and third world status anyway....

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2 Responses to "How do you “bailout” a debt when you have no money?"

  1. fougereto says:
    Well it seems you have a pretty good grasp of the situation. Many people including myself foresaw this happening for a couple of years yet the market kept going higher. The wealth that was created over the last couple of years was staggering. It’s all coming home to roost now. I think life will never be the same.
  2. UNCLE WILLIE says:
    The last part of your question is the (key) this is the biggest set-up and rip-off in the worlds history. This is the set-up for the amero money, that is being printed right now. What will happen is they will buy back the Dollar for pennies on the dollar. (RIP-OFF)

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