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How do you become a foreclosure consultant?

I heard this was a pretty interesting business and soemthing I may enjoy doing. For those who don’t know what a foreclosure consultant is. Basically, if someone is evicted from their home for missing home equity/loan payments, then then the bank usually hires a contractor or a consultant to give the home a price tag. Does anyone know how to become one of these guys and what required training is needed?

JJ Sotiera:

You must’ve mistaken me for some kind of moron. You didn’t even answer my question. I don’t know of any system or anything, especially one worth hundreds of thousands. I was simply asking what companies (for example) I would talk to about becoming one and what education is required.


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3 Responses to "How do you become a foreclosure consultant?"

  1. websterjdjr says:
    see link below to get a career started in foreclosure:
  2. Jim M says:
    Real Estate fundamentals and Real Estate practice classes, take the state and federal Real Estate exam, Pass both, get hired by a local Real Estate Broker, call mortgage companies and banks- should take about a year. Good luck
  3. says:
    If you’re truly interested in education to become a foreclosure consultant, please visit This company offers different levels of real estate investing education and mentorship. The two-day live event will not only teach you about pre-foreclosure tactics but offers mentorship through each deal with the CEO of the company himself!

    If you like what you see, please contact me or visit my website at

    Best to you!


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