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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » How do you feel about a gov’t (tax sponsored) bailout to fix the foreclosure problem?

How do you feel about a gov’t (tax sponsored) bailout to fix the foreclosure problem?

I’m upset. I have been stashing cash away waiting for the bubble to burst and now I hear my money (taxes) will be used to help bailout people in over their heads?
I really feel for people losing their houses but many people got into more house than they could afford.

I’m open minded…I could just big a big ignorant jerk :)
How do you feel?


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2 Responses to "How do you feel about a gov’t (tax sponsored) bailout to fix the foreclosure problem?"

  1. budhah1 says:
    Gee, I own GE and would like to be baled out on the big loss today on the stock price. But I am an investor living off the dividends of my investments, including rentals.. Wish they would pay me some of that money…

    Actually, I think that some of these sales should have been prosecuted by the law. as they were not done according to general accepted banking practices.

    I feel sorry for these people but see too many on this ANSWER board ready to walk away and buy a different house, just because it may be accepted after this mess.

  2. mla says:
    there is an old saying no matter how flat the pancake there are always two sides. i just lost my home due to a bad refi the house was over appraised and i was unable to refi due to penalties that i was totally unaware. now im not stupid, but i truly did not see this coming. i tried to work with my mortgage company to no avail. now… did i get a bailout?? no….. so be careful assuming all homeowners in this mess got a bailout. your taxes are paying for the banks to be bailed out not the homeowners.

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